This Ahrens-Fox was found on a farm in MN along with the second last J  built for Detroit. They were both shipped to Andy Swift of Firefly Restorations Hope Maine in 2007. In 2011 work was completed and a factory fresh Fox was shipped out to Langley B.C. arriving on Jan 2, 2012

A-F 1211 was one of 4 ordered by St. Paul MN in 1922, the others were 1210,1212,and 1213.All have survived to this day mainly because they all served over 40 years and were retired in the early 1960's.

1211 was first assigned to Engine 9 an all Black fire company near the downtown area,being reassigned to Engine 22 in 1927.Retired in 1960 she was sold to a Kenny shoe store in 1964 remaining there until 1984.She was sold and stripped of many part ending up in a barn in Minnesota when Brian purchased her in 2007.

A complete history of Engine 9 was written up in the SPAAMFFA Engine-Engine Magazine 2012-4

Engine 9 was a modern engineering marvel now 100% original  THANKS TO THE ABILITY AND DEDICATION of ANDY SWIFT  and his team of specialists and is the focal points of the Museum.

The J model is equipped with a 750 GPM Piston Pump and an Ahrens Fox 6 Cylinder motor supplying 90 HP

The designation J-M-2 was for the J model-Shaft Drive-Pumper and Hose Car


1922 Ahrens Fox J-M-2  X St Paul MI FD.jpg 1922 Ahrens Fox J-M-2  X St Paul MI FD_1.jpg 1922 Ahrens Fox J-M-2  X St Paul MI FD_2.jpg