The Bickle Seagrave Aerial Ladder was the beginning of the fire apparatus collection. A great friend and fellowcollector/author/researcher and photographer Walt McCall, had in 1984 just completed a whirl wind tour of old apparatus in and around Montreal.

He called me on returning home to Windsor and told me he had discovered Toronto's old aerial in St.Hubert Quebec.I raced out there the next weekend and began talking to the Fire Chief and City to sell her complete as she was and 1 year later with some maintenance work we flashed up the V-12 engine and drove her back to Ottawa.

She was shipped out to langley when I returned from my 2 year assignment and has formed the back bone of the collection.The V-12 Seagrave engine was rebuilt along with the transmission, and a new set of tires lettering and pinstripe to give her the look she has today, always a head turner due to he length of over 42 Feet

Her V-12 Engine supplies 190 HP the Ladder is 75 Feet long when fully extended.

There is a great write up in Engine-Engine  1987-2 edition about her and all the Bickle-Seagrave's made in Canada 1936-1955