Present Layout of the Museum

Gamewell Alarms 
Lafrance Engine 4
  Kenyon MN
Lafrance Engine

Port Henry NY
  1948 Bickle
Seagrave Ladder

Toronto ON
1922 Ahrens Fox
Engine 9 

ST. Paul MN 
 1951 Bickle
Seagrave Engine 3

Edmonton AB
     1963 Mack
Engine 2

Menasha WI

   One bright spring day in 2005 I woke up looked at my wife and said "you know the fire hall I always wanted to build well I am starting today". I had been collecting fire department related items since I can't remember when and they needed a good home for all to see. Items such as apparatus take up large spaces and Gamewell alarm systems need heated inside storage,lights,sirens,bells, helmets models and fire extinguishers need places to be viewed and what kind of fire station would not have a Texaco Fire Chief gasoline pump or two, and a brass pole with a pole guard

   At the time we only had 2 pieces of apparatus the 1948 Bickle Seagrave Aerial and the 1963 Mack C85F Pumper. Our final plan was for 4 bays to house 1 Aerial Ladder and 6 Pumpers. plus all the memorabilia, We now have 7 pieces of fire apparatus which include 2 ladder trucks 1 at our gate to welcome visitors, so theoretically we have room for 1 more inside.

     We continually look for items that will make our museum even more unique, We bought the 1946 ladder mainly for the engine which was a replacement for the original 462 Seagrave V-12, it just happened to be a Seagrave 531 V-12 the largest flat head engine ever built and with the help of 2 talented mechanics will be brought back to life as new for display and operation. 

We have just added a 1995 Spartan Gladiator to our fleet X Coquitlam BC Engine 443 mostly for movie work.

We had the good fortune to repair West Vancouver's 1929 American had a run in with a Hyundai not much damage to the truck but wrote off the car.Mostly body work/paint/gold leaf. Pictures to follow.