Our New Project

The fall of 2014 saw us getting our next project moved into our work shop. A retired Vancouver Policeman had stored the only surviving 

Bickle-Fox since 1970,in his Richmond shed. He gave us the first chance to have her and we accepted. The truck was originally Engine 6

with the V.F.D. it was called the "Canadian". Powered by the famous Ahrens-Fox 1140 cu in triple ignition 6 cylinder engine and front body work.

It was purchased at a cost of $14,600.00 it retired after almost 40 years of service  finishing her career as the Fireboat Tender.

The truck was in pieces as can be seen by the photos, as of the February 1 the truck has been put back together to see what needs to be

replaced and what is missing, the engine has been removed . The great news is the engine ran for the first time in 45 years after a cleaning

of the sump, oil pump,  filter and galleries.The hood needs to be rebuilt, and the radiator which had tank damage is repaired and looks like new.

The main missing parts are a set of original head lights, which we are looking for. The seat has been sent out for new leather.and most of the

Nickel plating is completed, as well as the steering wheel has been re wooded. It is a big project, hopefully it will look like the original photo.

We have added some assembly prior to painting, March 11 2015.

We have added a few more pictures with paint and some gold leafing as of August 21/15.

The motor will be next major item to be installed. It is almost ready once the wiring is finished.

The progress has been amazing and we finally got the missing bottom mounted headlights Vesta type.

There was a fair amount of work with stress cracking that has to done before they can be nickel plated.

Andy Swift of Firefly restorations helped us to get these plus he has done a beautiful job of redoing the wood steering wheel.

As of November 6,2015 we are nearing completion, The main issue will be to reinstall the motor and have it running with the rebuilt Magneto all of the red paint is now completed and we have new running board, the next pictures will be finished!

Now January 28/2016 I have added a few more photos. We are very close to completing the project we will put a color photo

on the home page when it is completed which should be sometime in March.

Engine 6 is now completed took her for a 5 mile drive. This is the first time in about 45 years that she moved under her own power, mechanically she seems to be fine, 

SCAN0028_Web.JPG 20150214_120743.jpg 20150214_120826.jpg 20150214_120935.jpg New-Project-1.jpg New-Project-2.jpg New-Project-3.jpg New-Project-4.jpg New-Project-5.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-1.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-2.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-3.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-4.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-5.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-6.jpg New-Project-Nov-2015-7.jpg 1929-Bickle-Fox-1.jpg 1929-Bickle-Fox-2.jpg 1929-Bickle-Fox-3.jpg 1929-Bickle-Fox-4.jpg 1929-Bickle-Fox-5.jpg 1929-Bickle-Fox-6.jpg May-2016-1.jpg May-2016-2.jpg May-2016-3.jpg